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Friday, January 13, 2017

2017: My Travel Year Ahead

Happy New Year 2017!

I really enjoyed the travel opportunities that presented last year - between New Zealand, the Maldives, and even trips back home I was fortunate in the amount of flying I could fit in to my schedule.  Looking ahead to this coming year, I will have the chance to fly but I may be more judicious in scheduling:


Being so close to Newark meant that fare sales were plentiful on my shorter jaunts and I ended up qualifying for Silver status in 2017.  It's actually nice to be back flying United - when living in San Diego it was my primary choice for travel due to much lower fares compared to other airlines.  With some business travel coming up this year, I may have a shot at Gold status (and access to Star Alliance lounges).


What a year to have Executive Platinum status - I was grateful for the many upgrade opportunities and the ability to rebook and change mileage flights was valuable.  Unfortunately I fell short of re-qualifying mainly due to increased flying on United due to close proximity to Newark.  I'll have Platinum status for 2017 and can use mileage upgrades as needed though I suspect I won't be flying much on AA due to the adoption of Elite Qualifying Dollars mimicking United and Delta.  And even worse...my AA Citibank card won't count for EQD accrual (only the Barclaycard options do).


Various stays throughout the year meant I was able to once again qualify for Diamond status in 2017.  Changes upcoming for Hyatt Gold Passport means that I will most likely only have top status one more year, so hopefully I can make good use of the upgrades and deals that present.  I'm sure I'll keep whatever status comes via the Hyatt credit card once the year turns.  And I wonder which new properties I'll be able to visit!

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