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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

And the best time to buy airfare is...

I wanted to share this recent article from Conde Nast that goes in-depth on when to find and buy the best airfare deals.  This type of thing is not an exact science and there are many different theories  about the best strategy to employ.  The way they present this particular info, though, seems to be based on research they've done from IATA and other sources that lend weight to their numbers.

Best note of the article: At least we can all agree on one thing: "Tuesday appears to remain the best day of the week to find low fares on air travel booked at least three weeks in advance," according to the study.

The Tuesday myth is busted!  (sort of)

Another notable item to me is the 30/60 day split for purchasing domestic vs international flights.  Their recommended times are probably larger than most would feel comfortable agreeing to unless you have a confirmed schedule.

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