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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What to do with an Open Jaw?

The majority of my March Excursion is booked and ready to go, but I had one final piece to figure out - what to do about that Open Jaw between Bangkok and Jakarta?  You'll notice that I'm arriving pretty late to Bangkok (11:30pm) and my departure is on the 30th just after midnight - in total time, it means I've got about a day-ish to get from BKK-CGK.  Not bad, right?

My first stop was Kayak - and I found interesting options there, such as this Tigerair flight:

I must admit that I don't know much about Tigerair and had to do some research.  Turns out it's Singapore's top-ranked budget airline and would have connected me through Singapore on my way to Jakarta.  Not a bad option, but I was a bit apprehensive about adding another connection onto this trip.

What about using Avios through British Airways?

I have a bunch of Avios and thought this might be a good option (maybe Cathay flies the route) - unfortunately, the only availability showing is on Malaysia Airlines:


The prospect of adding Kuala Lumpur onto the trip was very enticing, but again...another connection to have to deal with.  And given the recent issues with Malaysia in general, I'd rather not tempt things unless I absolutely have to.

What are my other options?  Do I have any?

It occurred to me the one thing I hadn't done yet was check Star Alliance flights - usually United.com is a good place to start, so after a quick search two options popped up - both on Thai Airways and both direct.  Score!  I chose the later option (2pm departure to give myself time to sleep) and 17,500 miles later, I have my Open Jaw set. 

Update: Thai Airways just had a schedule change that abruptly cancelled the 2pm flight option for the 29th.  I've been subsequently scheduled on the 8am flight - guess I'll be napping in Jakarta during the afternoon...hope they have free Internet.

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