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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Portfolio addition

I tend to watch what is currently being offered in terms of new credit cards and promotions in the hopes of taking advantage if the situation is right for me.  In most cases, I don't find myself jumping in since the annual fees are typically out of my range/style and the benefits don't do a whole lot for my spending pattern.

But...every once in a while a card offer comes around that makes sense.  And the most recent offer on the Chase Freedom card I couldn't pass up - no annual fee, Chase card, category bonuses, and a cashback/points bonus on sign up.  My card recently came so I'm happy to report that I've added the Freedom option to my portfolio!

The offer was pretty good (12/31):

I'm not a "cashback" guy by any stretch.  Don't have any other cards like this.  But I'll be using the points accrual method and transferring them to Ultimate Rewards to get the most flexibility in points redemption.  Not a bad way to start the new year!


  1. Can you give a link to this offer??

  2. Here's a link to the current offer:


    I'd recommend having a Chase card that's already earning Ultimate Rewards in order to maximize the Freedom card. Such as the Sapphire Preferred - I'll send you an email invite link for that one. Will come under separate cover from Chase.