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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Orbitz no longer allowing American Airlines bookings...for now

I was genuinely surprised to see the announcement hit my inbox this morning:

As a customer who has purchased an American Airlines ticket through Orbitz in the past, we want to let you know our fares are no longer on orbitz.com. You can still find American Airlines and US Airways fares through other online and brick and mortar travel agencies.

To book future travel on American Airlines or US Airways and easily search for our lowest available fares with no online booking fees, visit us on aa.com. Only on aa.com will you find convenient booking options, online check-in, flight status notifications, and the ability to earn AAdvantage® miles on flights, hotels, cars and more – providing an all-in-one experience from booking to takeoff. You can also add options like Main Cabin Extra seating to your itinerary, giving you up to six inches of additional leg room.

For more information, visit aa.com/orbitz.

Thank you for flying with us.

I'm sure this mostly has to do with $, as a few years ago Orbitz and AA couldn't get on the same page initially but eventually did.  I'm thinking the same thing will happen again this time around.  Since I do virtually all my booking on AA.com anyway (to get the upgrades squared away and use the 24 hour hold feature), this won't affect me too much.

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