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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My 2014 mid-year status check-in

It's the halfway point in the year, and like last year, I thought it might be good to do a quick check in on where I'm at with re-qualifying for the various programs I'm a part of:


Sadly, not much flying for me on United this year with the introduction of the PQD requirement.  While I've been very loyal to UA in the past, I made the decision to go with the best option for accruing this year, and that is American.  I'm hopeful to get back to some type of status with UA in the future, but it's not looking good.  In the meantime I'll keep trying to get miles via dining and CC use.


My effort to focus on AA this year has been pretty good, although I feel like I'm lagging a bit in flights and miles.  That's partially due to fares being so high during summer - just to go home would cost me $500-600, where last year it was only $300-400.  I think I'll make Platinum again for sure...Exec Plat will be tough without some international travel involved.


I've had very limited stays at Hyatt properties so far this year, with only four stays happening through July.  I'll keep Platinum status via the Hyatt CC - Diamond is a stretch unless lots of conferences or trips pop up at the last minute.

Overall, I'm down a bit in my overall travel for the year.  That's partly due to scheduling and time off, and partly due to the cost of travel.  I'm definitely on the look out for bargains but being much more choosey given the high costs.

How has your travel been this year?

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