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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

United dropping Doha, Qatar as a Destination August 30th

I was particularly sad to read about United dropping Doha as a destination in August:


United got me to Doha for my dissertation research, and I must say that I've always had a fairly excellent experience flying there.  The one-stop in Dubai never was an issue for me, although I wondered if this was sustainable for United since the Dubai-Doha segment was often marginally full.  Since there are so many flights between the two cities, maybe the writing was on the wall in the first place.  But it is unfortunately to lose a 'direct' way to get to Qatar.

For my next research trip, I now have to think about other options, including connecting via Qatar Airways or FlyDubai.  It wouldn't be bad to stay in Star Alliance for the trip since OneWorld tacks on rather large fuel surcharges via British Airways and others.  Plenty of time, though, to figure this out.

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