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Monday, June 23, 2014

InfoComm Friday recap

Had a very successful pilgrimage up to LV, and thought I'd share a quick recap for any travel tech geeks out there checking out my blog.  Thought overall the conference was excellent - the drive went very smoothly as well.  Made it in 4 hrs, 50 minutes...not bad.

When I arrived, I quickly parked and made my way to the LVCC via the monorail - ended up being the quickest way to reach the site.  The day pass was only $12, so a great investment for use later on in the evening.  The halls were expansive but I was thankful at the start to have time to check in with Andrea from Wolfvision as well as Kristin Z from Sonic Foundry.  Maintaining those professional relationships after so many years is always something to look forward to.  A few other takeaways from the vendor side of things:

- Unimpressed with new display solutions from Eiki, Barco, and Christie. Color reproduction and brightness seemed poor overall at the price point. Faculty want bright and clear!

- Panasonic's new laser projector had impressive clarity, but reduced brightness. Compared to DLP still lacking in my book for widespread use (not to mention pricetag).  For all the hype surrounding laser projectors and cost savings, I'm curious when the balance point will be reached between cost and usability.

- The Infocus Mondopad is an interesting product - not sure how it could fit in our environment. Liked the idea of integrated video-conferencing - all in one unit.

- Enjoyed seeing updated Beacon and Liberty systems from Anchor - bluetooth audio!  Might save us down the line in connections and wiring.

- New audio products from Shure, AKG, Meyer, and Soundcraft - the new consoles were awesome - I miss live audio and recording!

- New colleagues and information share from Toronto, OK, and Villanova

- A variant of our Learning Glass product was on display - interactive surface.  I figured it was only a matter of time before someone else thought about this concept, and indeed they have.  Pretty interesting to use it for interactive playback. 

Looking forward to future products and testing!

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