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Monday, May 12, 2014

Expanding my travel search options

I was recently made aware of two new sites to add to my portfolio for flight and travel searching.  I've long been a chief proponent of using Kayak as well as the ITA search engine for most of my travel needs, but I'm always open to exploring new tools that could aid in the process.


This site is very sleek - doing some test searches yielded a variety of options tied to a specific calendar range.  But what really stood out to me: when searching for flights in Europe for connections, it also includes most low-cost carriers!  A sample search from London to Zurich included Easyjet:

Very handy if you're looking to mix your options or find low cost alternatives.


During most of my European travels, especially through Switzerland, I always make use of the trains.  They're fast, efficient, and on time, every time.  This site takes that into account, and includes trains, buses, and other transportation mediums along with flight options.  You can choose whichever route makes the most sense to you.  Want to get from Paris to Prague?  You have many choices!

Not sure if I'd do the bus route, but at least you can cost compare.

Have you used either of these sites?  Please sure your experiences!

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