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Friday, May 16, 2014

AA/BA Fly to Europe Promotion

You may have already received emails from AA and British Airways detailing a promotion for flying multiple times to Europe.  Bonus miles are earned for each round trip you take, and can be crediting to either airline providing you've successful registered for the promotion ahead of time.  I always sign up for these promos even if I'm not sure whether I'll be flying - you never know when plans change and it's better than forgetting!

My only gripe is that you really have to look at the fine print to get the miles.  You'll notice that for this particular run, you'll need to make sure you're flying in one of the premium cabins in order to get the miles (low-fare economy won't get you anything).  And with fares to Europe looking pretty high for this summer, it won't be cheap to take part in this deal.

Anyone making plans to get these miles? 

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