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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weekend in Seoul - Friday

This post will be a combination of Thursday and Friday, since it took almost 11 hours leaving on Thursday morning for me to get to Seoul on Friday late afternoon.  I had a departure from SAN-SFO that was slightly delayed, which meant a run for the gate when I landed in SFO.  Thankfully my landing gate was near enough to the International terminal that I was able to make it with a little time to spare before boarding doors were shut.

I was very interested in trying out the Global First product on United, and since a mileage ticket option was available, I took it.  The seat was quite nice as you can see from above.  The menu choices, though, were similar to BusinessFirst.  And of course, the wine and champagne were excellent.

The cabin itself was very spacious and ended up being full by the time we departed - I've never had a seat this far forward to the nose of the plane.  Flight attendants were very attentive and always seemed available when needed.  I was impressed by the service - some reviews had it as fairly poor but I never saw a down time during the flight. And there was virtually no turbulence to speak of.

After a quick nap, we were landing in Seoul!

The line to get from terminal to terminal was a bit nuts and we were queued for a bit - I think they need to increase the speed of each segment.  After a quick ride and through customs, I met up with Jimmy outside of the gates and we were soon off on a bus to the base and the Dragon.  Other than a "minor" bout of jetlag, the flight over when pretty well.

We had a full day planned for Saturday!

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