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Monday, February 3, 2014

Place of the Day: Transnistria

I love to read and find out about places that are off the beaten track and not generally known to most travelers.  Smaller countries usually fit this bill.  Probably the most well-known 'small' territories/countries are places that I still have yet to visit (I'd put Monaco, Guam and Hong Kong on that list).

But I was recently made aware of a new one and it's in Europe!  Or at least, close to Europe:

The brief history I read about this state is fascinating.  Transnistria is a small, sliver of land  just slightly larger than Rhode Island along the east bank of the Dniester River, between Ukraine and Moldova.  It was one of the countries that seceded from the newly formed republics when the Soviet Union collapsed - in this case, Moldova.  Not wanting to get into a tiff with Romania about the new country, Moldova succeeded in reaching an accommodation with the Transnistrians on de facto independence.

Tiraspol is the main city of this state, and I look forward to trying to visit sometime in the future.  Be sure to read up on this small country if you have time!

For another perspective, check out this story.

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