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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reflections on Wimbledon

Thought it might be fun to post some after-Wimbledon thoughts concerning this year's Championships:

1. Gentleman's Champion: Roger Federer - I continue to be impressed and amazed at Fed's play, and he is so much fun to watch.  His movement on grass is just like what was described on tv: he seems to float.  He had an answer to every big shot, and was the more composed player.  He deserves to be back at #1 and should be considered the best ever.

2. Ladies Champion: Serena Williams - I'm proud that another American has won a major, but I'm getting tired of what seems to be the same ol', same ol' from Serena.  It's true she battled back after health issues, but her play at times seems lackluster.  I'm ready for another woman to step up and claim the crown, without the glitz and glam that are the Williams sisters.

3. ESPN - Gotta say, ESPN, you were pretty awful.  I know you've got the Wimbledon broadcast rights for many years, but you really need to evaluate who you assign to call the matches.  Chris Fowler and Mike Tirico didn't have a clue at times what to say, and pairing them with even more knowledgeable people like Evert or the McEnroe's doesn't help.  You also get a grade of "F" for your initial camera shot of Serena winning - hopefully no one will broadcast it ever again.

4. Directv - Kudos again on your Wimbledon mix.  Was a delight to catch multiple matches at a time.

5. Grunting - was so happy not to have Sharapova in the final - no unnecessary grunting needed.

6. Andy Murray's post-match speech - classy. 

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