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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

and now the fun begins...

Monday of this week was a big day for me.  It was my scheduled day to defend my dissertation proposal (the gateway to doing research and finishing the program).  I spent the weekend prior in prep and felt confident in my delivery plan.

Success.  I can't really describe how it feels to have passed, and it's taken a few days to really collect my thoughts on it.  Officially being a 'candidate'...being ABD...all of it is just a bit overwhelming.  I am so grateful and thankful for the love and support from so many people to help me get to this point.  I can't possibly name everyone who has been a part of it, but you all know who you are.  I am blessed to have an awesome committee, and a Chair that has been very supportive and excited about my topic.  And I'm also thankful for the support I've received from work and the encouragement from so many to keep working hard. 

All of this really puts things into perspective - I'm thankful for so many blessings that the Lord has provided, and am really excited about what the future holds for my research.

Now the fun begins...

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  1. Congrats on the discipline and keeping everything together.