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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Seychelles...where is that?

In recent weeks I've read a number of different travel blog posts about people taking trips to the Seychelles - and even though I've seen it on airline location lists, I keep asking myself, "where is that anyway?".  So, why not highlight it in a "Place of the day" post...it pushed me to do some research on where exactly all of this is.

Mahe is the principal island, and contains the Ste. Anne Marine National Park - the first marine park in the Indian Ocean.  A sub-sea viewer is available to see all of the marine life should you decide that snorkeling is not your thing.  And several of the islands are uninhabited in case you like to explore and have time to yourself. 

If you're a Starwood customer, then the Le Meridien Barbarons would be a great place to stay if you visit.  A Category 5 property, free nights can be had for 12,000 points (or fewer if you snag a special deal with status or use cash and points).  The Points Guy has a fantastic trip report on his stay, so check it out here.  This place is definitely on my list of places to go...just need to find the time and points!

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