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Monday, April 16, 2012

one way vs round trip

It's so easy these days just to type in your starting point and destination in Orbitz or Kayak and let the site do its work.  But are you really getting the best deal?

For veterans of flight shopping this might be old news, but don't forget to try and price out one-way awards right after you see what the round trip price may be (and given high oil prices recently those fares seem to be only going up).  Here's a recent example:

I'm currently pricing out flights for my trip back to WI in June (Badger Boys State) and round trip searches in Kayak were coming up with prices in the $400-450 range.  Ouch.  That's pretty high, even for me.  So, I decided to check the one way routing for tickets on United.com just to see what I could get to pop up.  First leg: $170.  Not terrible, although I might be flying overnight.  Return trip: $146.  Not bad...and it isn't a 6am flight.  Total: $316.  Definitely better than over $400.

Try it out the next time you're flight shopping - you might save some $!

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