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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

Very happy new year to all...it's still a little odd for me to think that it's January, but here we are.  One year ago at this time I had just wrapped up New Years in Rome, and was on to Doha, Qatar for my first round of dissertation research (which ended up being very successful).  It's interesting for me to read about that time all over again.

I'm not sure yet what the new year will hold, but it's shaping up to have several things, including the official start of my dissertation work.  I'm hopeful to get back to Qatar and Education city in Sept/Oct to work with the schools again, and am excited about the possibility.  I'll also be (hopefully) wrapping up my final standard classroom courses...could it be that these will be some of the last times I'm sitting in a room like I have all my life? 

I'll resume my 'Place of the Day' posts later this week...a secondary goal for me this year is to maximize as many points and miles opportunities as I can (or am able given schedules, etc). 

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