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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

first day of classes

Yes, I must admit that I'm a bit tardy on a new post.  This being the first week of school and all, I hope that I'm given a little bit of leeway on the writing.  I'll get back into my normal routine this week, as classes start up, students and faculty are back, and everyone starts needing classroom assistance again.  Lucky me!

This past weekend I made a quick trip home, which was one reason I was curtailed from my normal posting activity.  Spent time with mom and dad and Ben, and (sadly) even watched a terrible Packers game, that in the end they had no business winning in the first place.  They stunk.  Plain and simple, no excuses.  What was it, 10 dropped passes and 3 fumbles?  Heck of a time to pick a game to play dumb, and such a waste of a 15-1 season and homefield advantage.  Guess next year will have to be better after that piece of humble pie.

Speaking of pie though, mom did make me a strawberry pie to eat.  And my favorite tuna noodle dish.  And dad's chili too!

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