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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pre-flight checkin

Hello - just a quick check-in from Boston Logan as I'm getting ready to depart for my next leg to Zurich, and then on to Rome.

I got here plenty early for the flight, and took advantage of an upgrade deal to score a business class seat to Zurich, which will be very nice for the sleep part.

For those who might be wondering where I'm going, I will be ending up in Doha, Qatar on the night of January 3rd for a three credit independent study trip which will be round one of research for my dissertation. I'll be doing interviews and classroom observations, which i hope will be very successful. But before i get there, I'm stopping over in Rome for a few days...why not? And I shall try to keep up with things here as I go.

Here's hoping all goes well on the first leg of this adventure. All those who are interested in trekking with me just let me know - you are more than welcome.

A few items of note thus far:

1. The security line was just me...no one else was in line. The TSA looked extremely bored. I was almost tempted to ask for a special screening just to give them something to do.
2. The Lufthansa lounge where I am sitting right now is only one room, and no free Internet. When are these lounges going to figure out that internet should just be free if you're in here?
3. As I scan the room, I count...eight Apple products in use (laptops, ipads, phones), no pc's, and one game of Travel Settlers of Catan. Nice.

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  1. I was almost tempted to ask for a special screening just to give them something to do.

    "You look bored. Wanna touch my junk?"