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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The tourney has begun...

...and already an upset! Sorry Notre Dame...you were the first.

An interesting note regarding what you can get for free on planes these days (courtesy of ST.com):

With Continental pulling the plug on free meals, you may be wondering what, if anything, you can still get for free in coach on a domestic flight. Well, here's a list, and you can see, it's not a long one:

* AirTran: Soft drinks, blankets/pillows, XM satellite radio
* Alaska: Soft drinks, blankets/pillows
* American: Soft drinks, in-flight programming/radio
* Continental: Meals (ending this fall), soft drinks, blankets (select flights), pillows; in-flight movie/radio, some Delta on Demand options (including live satellite TV, games, and music).
* Delta: Soft drinks, small snack, blankets/pillows, in-flight movie/radio
* Frontier: Soft drinks
* JetBlue: First checked bag, unlimited snacks, soft drinks, DirecTV, XM satellite radio
* Hawaiian: Meals (most long-haul routes), blankets/pillows
* Midwest: Soft drinks, cookies (select flights after 10 a.m.)
* Southwest: First and second checked bag, small snack, soft drinks
* Spirit: Nothing
* United: Soft drinks, blankets/pillows (international), in-flight movie/programming/radio
* US Airways: Soft drinks, in-flight movie/programming/radio
* Virgin America: Soft drinks, satellite TV, video games, 3,000-song music library, seat-to-seat chat, music video library

("Soft drinks" includes soda, water, juice, coffee, tea, etc., but may not include energy drinks and other specialty non-alcoholic beverages.)

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