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Sunday, March 3, 2024

The Rise of the Do-Nothing Vacation

Most trips I take have a specific idea or plan in mind.  Whether that is to participate in activities or view unique cultural offerings, a defined purpose has often been a part of how I hope to visit a destination (and often collect/use points!).  However...given the hustle/bustle of work, market volatility, and increasing stress due to local factors (including commute, inflation, etc), it's sometimes nice just to go on a vacation and do nothing.

In the past I've been asked why I might travel as far as I sometimes do only to get to a place and do nothing.  There's a simple answer for that: it's to disconnect.  I also happen to enjoy being on planes which for me is part of the disconnect process.

A recent WSJ article highlights this increasing travel trend: https://www.wsj.com/lifestyle/travel/vacation-trends-resorts-all-inclusive-relax-ce3f9026

Travel is the ultimate break!

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