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Saturday, September 10, 2022

Mid-Year 2022 Travel Check

The coronavirus is still lingering in 2022 and airlines have continued to make adjustments to schedules and flights.  Summer fares were very expensive - only recently has a small shift occurred for fall travel where prices are starting to drop and become more reasonable again.  The effects of inflation are also present and I'm curious how this may influence prices over time.  I continue to have the opportunity to fly each week and hope that the experience remains consistent. 


I do not have status on American given limited flying in the past year with the exception of trips back home.  I'll keep accruing miles for another longer trip to the Maldives or NZ.  The addition of loyalty points has complicated earning so I've used my AA card for some purchases as another channel. 


United is my first choice for travel and I've already requalified for 1K next year.  Upgrades out of SFO are not easy though I had some success early in the year.  I'll continue to look for deals given my current work and flight schedule. 


I've enjoyed having Globalist throughout the year for stays and work.  I've already requalified for next year and expect to continue to leverage low rates where I find them.    


Last year I successfully qualified for Diamond status and was able to use it as a great rate alternative when needed.  I'm on track to requalify and will likely complete that in the coming weeks.  

Have changes in travel affected your points and earning plans?  

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