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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Mid-Year 2021 Travel Check

The coronavirus is still lingering in 2021 which is affecting travel plans and a return to normal.  Airlines and hotels have made adjustments however I believe it will be some time before we get completely back to 'normal'.  I've resumed flying and trips (thrilled!) though wouldn't be surprised if there are adjustments through the fall.


I do not currently have status on American given limited flying in the past year.  Miles that I accumulated during the year were used to plan for a return trip to the Maldives in November on Qatar.  Can't wait to be in Qsuites!


United is still primary for me and with the early-year promo for PQP I'm surprisingly on track to requal for 1K.  Flying out of SFO hasn't been bad so far but I am missing Newark (I know, I know, bit of a contradiction).  


I've been enjoying Globalist this year for a number of trips and also during my cross-country drive.  Given my job change I've also been able to leverage extended stay rates and will easily re-qualify for Globalist next year beyond the offered promotion.   

It hasn't been easy to plan travel or see family over the past year - I'm optimistic that we are on a good track as countries around the world reopen.  Here's hoping I can still get back to the Maldives in November and Europe in October for a conference presentation!

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