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Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Absence of Travel

It's already almost mid-November, and I should be planning to depart this next week for vacation.  The original plan was going to be another points-inspired trip to the Maldives followed by Christmas markets in Switzerland.  Unfortunately Covid has meant most European countries are still closed for tourists and therefore this years trip will not occur for the first time in many.  Even though I may not be in the air this Friday evening, I'm still determined to continue planning for next year!

Hyatt properties are showing nearly 12 month availability for bookings, so I've already made some points reservations for late next year - optimism!  I'll likely hold on any airline reservations until the picture is clearer since schedules are constantly in flux.  

Are you planning any travel yet for 2021?  


  1. I've travelled more than normal this year, working remotely in Wisconsin and Wyoming. Driving's been safe and I've been able to sleep in my car when needed.

  2. It sounds like you've had some fun adventures! I still like driving, missing flying though.