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Saturday, August 1, 2020

United Extends Fee Waiver for Flights Through 8/31/20

2020 will be a year to remember for many reasons - Covid is certainly at the top of the list, reduced travel somewhere after.  This is shaping up to be a year with the fewest flights I've taken in almost 20 years.  Airlines are trying to figure out what to do with so few passengers buying flights - refunds have taken far longer than they should and are usually a hassle.

United has issued varying guidance on existing tickets since May, and the most recent deadline for flight changes was through 7/31 (meaning one reservation I have for fall is still open for issue).  I was pleased to see, though, that United has extended fee waivers now through 8/31.  Link is here:

I continue to pray that the pandemic will subside and travel returns.  For now we must all be safe, do our part, and wear a mask!

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