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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Dubrovnik: Day 1

We were in no hurry to start the day due to our prior evening late arrival.  In the later morning we were out the door for lunch and decided on one of our favorite, affordable stops: Presa

The menu is simple and straightforward - the burgers are out of this world and it's not uncommon to have more than you can finish.

After lunch we walked the main street and square stopping in at the Dubrovnik Cathedral:

We also walked by the eastern edge of the city near the water:

The old city has many levels to explore and there is plenty of walking and stairs:

We also decided to enjoy some time on the cliff overlooking the sea with many boats and kayakers by stopping in at Buza Bar - finding it can be a bit of a trick but it's worth it:

Where to go for dinner?  There are so many great choices and we decided on one near the main square called Buffet Kamenice. We followed up our meal with some dessert at Zuzori where I had to try the strawberry and apple pie:

Walking the streets in the evening is quite an experience - can't put it into words:

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