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Monday, August 27, 2018

Ireland Day 2 - Blarney/Cork/Kinsale

And we're off!  Our rental car for this trip was a festive, red Kia SUV and it was a comfortable ride with plenty of room for us and our luggage.  My pickup went smoothly by bus (once I was at the right bus stop) and soon we were off to our first stop: Blarney Castle.  And the Blarney Woolen Mill shops.  The weather certainly cooperated for our walk on the grounds:

After a brief shopping excursion with many wool options, our next stop was Cork.  Our hope was to walk a bit and see some of the city though by the time we arrived many places were already closed for the day.  We did manage to see the Church of St. Anne:

Our AirBnB option for the evening was out in the country near Windermere.  We highly recommend this stay to get out of the city and enjoy the views and fields.  We couldn't pass up dinner in Kinsale - fish, anyone?  You can't miss stopping at Fishy Fishy.  Don't let the name scare you; we tried just about everything on the menu and it was fantastic!

Oysters, Haddock, Salad, salmon, bisque, Malbec, Rose, Shiraz, Fishy Fishy pie, mussels.  Yes.

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