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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Mid-Year 2018 Travel Check

It's the halfway point for the year, so I'm doing my typical assessment and check-in on my travel and re-qualifications.  I've had a bit more travel this year due to work and conferences, and personal travel has also increased slightly due to several deals.


After a long time, I finally gave up status on American due to the close proximity of Newark and access via train.  They've given me Platinum for part of this year as a gift, though I don't anticipate flying much with them at this point.  I still have miles available if needed for redemption.


United is once again my top choice for travel.  Gold status has been helpful for access to Star Alliance lounges as well as same day flight changes as they fit.  I'm on track to requal for next year and have a shot at Platinum due to several work trips and other commitments.  The Sapphire Reserve card has also helped with points accrual and I'm still taking advantage of my United legacy card for spend in certain categories.  Flying Star Alliance to Europe still has the most options available for redeeming miles.


I miss Globalist (Diamond) status with Hyatt, though Explorist hasn't been bad for the stays planned. It will be difficult for requalifying based on the program changes though smart use of points has helped with stays for fun trips.  

I'm satisfied with my travel and trips so far this year. Being back with United has been great for mileage accrual and the ease of redeeming miles is really the best (outside of using Alaska Airlines miles).  Taking advantage of spend bonuses on normal expenses via credit card has been a helpful add to my process.  

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