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Monday, August 21, 2017

A Redo Planned for This Weekend...

I'm excited about my trip coming up this weekend where I will by flying back to Wisconsin and spending time with my grandparents.  I've tried this excursion once before - my previous trip planned over the July 4th holiday time was interrupted and ultimately cancelled when United claimed that weather was impacting all regional jet operations from Newark.  Actually, to be clear, the customer service agent noted that the problem was also related to a "schedule reduction".  How an airline is able to get away with reducing the schedule during a holiday weekend is still a mystery to me.  Anyway.

So far the weather looks perfect for Friday and I am scheduled to fly once again on the regional jet operation to Milwaukee from Newark late-day.  I hedged my bets on the way home and am flying through O'hare...no need to tempt fate this time.  I'll take the larger plane.

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