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Friday, March 3, 2017

No longer three beeps but one…

I enjoy traveling and over the last number of years have taken advantage of the opportunity to fly to numerous countries around the world.  One thing that has helped me immensely has been using Global Entry.  It allows for Pre-Check when flying domestically and the easy use of global entry kiosks when flying back into the United States.  During domestic travel, one of the easiest (and early) ways to know that my global entry/pre-check notation was correct on my boarding pass was the sound of three beeps when the pass was scanned by TSA.  Though it appears something has changed.  At least, I think it has.

Over the last bunch of months while traveling (and using Pre-Check) there has been an interesting adjustment.  Instead of three beeps, the machine at the TSA checkpoint is now only beeping one time before I’m waved through.  Normally I wouldn’t notice this type of change but I’ve seen some curious facial expressions now from several TSA agents during my last few flights after the single beep.  In fact, they all curiously read whatever is being shown on the box and then wave me through (usually faster than others they are checking).  

Maybe I’ve missed something in the course of all my travel work, but does anyone have an idea about what this change might be?  Have I been put on some alternative travel list?

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