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Monday, February 29, 2016

Upcoming trip: China!

My recent schedule has really impacted my writing on the blog, but since it's Leap Day I figured I better get back into it.  And since I'm also traveling this week it's another good motivation for me to put together a post.

That's right...I'm headed to China!  Bejing to be exact.  I will depart on Thursday, arrive Friday evening, tour all day Saturday, and fly back home Sunday.  Yes you read that correctly, I will be there for two nights and one day.

You're probably asking yourself, "why would he do such a short trip?" The best answer I can give would be that I'll take what I can get.  Truthfully I had an international voucher that needed to be used before expiry and since the amount was high enough ($700) it would cover a pretty good trip deal if I could find one. And I did on American!  I'm flying for free on the Dreamliner (upgraded to Business on the outbound) and burning points for the hotel, so the trip overall is costing little to nothing.  A score in my book.

Not only that, but I now have a Chinese Visa good for 10 years of entry (which will be valuable for future trip staging and stopover possibilities).

Stay tuned for trip updates later in the coming week!


  1. Hey, if you didn't snag quick chances like this, you might never get there.

  2. Agreed. I'll take the opportunity any time I can get (and cheaply too!)