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Friday, October 23, 2015

ILA Day 1

We're off and running!  Excellent sessions overall today; I've summarized a few below:

The first session discussed leadership and the effects of disequilibrium in instruction using Case in Point. Changing the way of approaching a given situation - reforming structure - is an important consideration for students in a variety of content areas.  Changing up the norm away from recognized safe zones is not easy.  Prepping the environment - making the room ready and scaffolding with participants is a great way to address any concerns that may arise.

I also attended a panel on Leadership challenges for 21st Century. Excellent overall...asking things such as: "Leadership" for what? Peace, challenges in corruption, bridging groups are a few areas we can address.  What are we striving for in the leadership field? As it relates to the application of leadership, Constructive Dissent within our own ranks is a gift and helps as a check/balance (example of the VW deception) - why did all managers miss?  Why did no one stand up and call out the deception?  There are many Adaptive challenges - shared commitment, management of diversity, etc. Using a clear vision, cohesiveness, standards of excellence, being inclusive - can restore to power to the leaders toolbox. Ethos - competence, integrity, and goodwill - should also be a consideration for applying leadership in theory and practice. 

Leaders can and should work to lead change, manage anxiety, keep space open, encourage authenticity, inclusiveness, manage conflict/listen/trust, and be competent in your work.

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