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Monday, September 21, 2015

Combining traditional and budget air searches

I'm always on the lookout for good deals in and around Europe (especially in summer when it's very expensive typically).  Kayak has been my mainstay for many years and I supplement that search with the ITA Matrix and other main carrier sites when I search.

But this particular new site has some possibilities if you don't mind connecting to a low-cost carrier in between.


The article quotes the site info in this way: searches routes to and from the world’s 500 largest airports—in Europe and beyond—to "combine two roundtrip tickets from non-partner airlines to find the cheapest fares"

I'm all for that!

I tried out a few standard searches between the US and Europe and the site works pretty well (a few glitches here or there).  I'll definitely add it to my portfolio of searching, if nothing more than to reference what other options exist.  If you're keen on qualifying for status or other programs, this site may not be for you!

Hat tip to Conde Nast for this information...

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