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Monday, June 15, 2015

Badger Boys State is underway!

Greetings from the 2015 Session of Badger Boys State!

We're already into the Monday schedule (time sure flies when you're having fun) with most of the citizens already at various schools of instruction for the morning.

A quick recap from arrival through yesterday:

I finally made it.  It seemed like a possibility that for whatever reason I was destined NOT to get to Wisconsin after the craziness of the 48 hours leading up to arrival.  Between Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning I managed to (a) spend the night on a gate bench at the Phoenix airport when ATC caused me to miss my connecting flight to San Diego; (b) take a morning flight to SD to regroup and hopefully jet out on a redeye through LAX; (c) have the LAX connecting flight delay and then cancel but worked with a phone agent to change my flight to the SAN-ORD direct flight; (d) arrive to ORD on the redeye with an upgrade only to have my flight to Milwaukee cancel due to a missing Captain; and (e) took the megabus from Ohare to Milwaukee since the flight would have made me late for registration but didn't get a voucher and had to pay out of pocket.  Suffice it to say...I'm very happy to be here in Ripon after all of that fun!  Now onto BBS...

Saturday's registration and initial rehearsal+assembly went without a hitch.  I'm always a little worried about the first sitdown, since I don't know how many boys are going to sign up and how well they can read the pieces we need to play.  But I've once again got a fantastic group of juniors/now seniors and our rehearsals have been very smooth.  Last night's performance went well and included a new number in our library.

My total registered citizens in the band: 102

We'll have our Monday rehearsal this afternoon followed by another assembly and performance tonight.  Looking forward to more fun in between the thunderstorms!

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  1. If anybody has the skills to hit all those obstacles and still get there it'd be you.