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Friday, May 15, 2015

A new option for Sprint users overseas

I recently made the move to upgrade to the iPhone 6 and ultimately away from AT&T.  Before I moved to CA I was a very happy Nextel customer and was sad to have to give it up at the time, but I made due with the decision because of the necessity of the move (acquired the original iPhone).  AT&T's data and speed over the last bunch of years has been overall excellent for me and I rarely had any issues with connecting.  But data being the way it is with phone plans, I was experiencing the occasional "overage" in data which always dinged me $15.  Believe it or not, I made due with a 200 MEG plan for all of the years I had AT&T.  (please don't laugh at me!)

With the new iPhone 6, though, I made the change back to Sprint since they were pushing a Simply Unlimited Plan for $50 a month - unlimited talk, text, and data.  A pretty good deal overall and I've been happy not to have any overages since the switch.

One concern I had about the move, though, was not having the GSM network (via AT&T) any longer for international travel.  The ability to connect in Europe or other countries just by turning the phone on was a big benefit for emergency purposes and the occasional phone call to confirm details on connections.  What do I do now with Sprint?  WiFi seems like the only reasonable option.

Except...Sprint has now introduced International Value Roaming as an option to add to your existing plan - at no charge!  The plan includes unlimited data and text (although the data is noted as being at 2G speed).  Countries included with this plan are the following:

Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Spain, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Korea and United Kingdom.

I'm excited that there is an option now sans the GSM network for Sprint users in these countries.  I hope they continue to add more options and include additional European countries.  The speed might be a bit slow, but it's better than nothing in my book.  I'll be able to test this in October when I'm attending the International Leadership Association Global conference in Barcelona!


  1. That's a much better deal than I'm getting.

    I'd have a hard time doing tourism without data anymore! Reading reviews, finding things, and just plain curiosity.

  2. Also helps with Google Maps and other travel apps!