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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dubrovnik Day 2 - the Fort

More time out and about today in Dubrovnik!  I must admit though that I did a little bit of sleeping in this morning, which was not entirely planned but felt good nonetheless.  After getting going and out the door, lunch was first on the docket – and to mix it up, a new place was on tap: Oliva Pizzeria.  I’ve found it curious that there are so many pizza joints in the Old Town.  Word from the locals is that Italian and pizza are very popular, especially in the summertime.  Oliva was excellent – a mixed ham and sauce pizza was just right (and thin crust too) for an excellent price.  Would definitely stop there again!

One major item still on the list to see was Fort Lovrijenac.  It’s a free-standing fort outside of the city walls that also is used extensively in Game of Thrones for the King’s Landing location shoots.  The entrance is not obvious when you walk outside the walls – just a small staircase takes you down and around to the bottom near the water and then up a massive flight of stairs.  I’ve definitely been able to get a workout on this trip – so many stairs to climb and all worth it. 

After spending a bunch of time at the Fort, it was back to the Old Town for some shopping and wine tasting!  D’Vino Wine Bar is highly recommended and the white and red selections were excellent.  They have many local varieties of Croatian wine that pair well with bread and tapenade. 

Dinner was a hard decision – so many great places to choose from.  The winner: Bistro San Francesco.  All I have to say is the Salmon Fettuccine is amazing.  The owner was very kind and even added in some small treats free of charge.  Can’t recommend this place enough if you’re looking for an authentic dining experience.  

Time to wind the day down – off to Zurich tomorrow!

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