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Friday, November 28, 2014

Arrival to Croatia

I must say that it’s been quite a while since I’ve had such smooth flights and connections while transiting Europe.  Considering that three connections were part of this first jaunt, I wondered if I was asking for trouble.  But other than two small-ish delays of 10 and 20 minutes everything went very well.  To recap, I transited Munich and Zagreb onroute to Dubrovnik HR via Lufthansa and Croatia Airlines.  Touchdown for the final segment was around 4pm local time.

Arriving to Dubrovnik via Zagreb is super easy.  Immigration/Customs checks occurred at Zagreb so there was no need to stop once the flight landed.  In fact, the customs booths were empty and baggage claim within a few hundred feet of the gate area.  The airport itself is very small and only has a few flights a day, so they are able to time things out well when you arrive.  The airport bus was waiting for the final luggage to be given out before departing – that allowed enough time to also nab tickets.  I highly recommend doing this option right when you arrive – they accept either Kuna or Euros. 

(Speaking of the Zagreb transition via Munich, you’ll want to note that you will have to ‘exit’ immigration/customs and then re-enter once you deplane.  Zagreb’s airport is also not very large, so this transition time only took about 20 minutes between deplaning and rechecking through security.  Security, mind you, was much more thorough than at any airport along the way – I ended up having to take out everything in my backpack compared to Munich and the US where I took out nothing.)

Once on the airport bus it’s a relatively quick ride into Dubrovnik.  Since it was later evening already the sun was down, but the lights of the city were spectacular coming down the mountain.  The bus drops off right at the Pile Gate and it was a very fast walk into the Old Town to get to my chosen stay for this trip, Andio.  As you no doubt can guess from the following pictures, it truly is walking back in time to some degree to be in the Old Town - I was speechless.   

Arrival to Andio had its moments, since they didn’t have a room designated when I got there.  But after a quick phone call, that was figured out and it was time to walk around a bit before sleep.  The first restaurant of choice was the Café Festival just a few blocks down from Andio.  I think I had the best lasagna broccoli that I’ve ever had, including homemade cheesecake that was amazing.  Not a bad way to start the visit!


  1. Lasagna needs broccoli, it's way too junk foody the way it is. Great idea.

  2. Twas amazing...have to say I'd definitely order again!