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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What credit cards are in my wallet? It's all the rage...

Seems like this question gets asked a lot of frequent travelers who are also after points - if you're in the game at all, you've probably got your favorites for what matches your spending habits and budget.  I'm happy to share what I have as well...friends and family often ask, and there are definitely a lot of options out there.  And, I'm by no means as "all in" as other points hawks are when it comes to getting cards.  I'd rather not have my credit rating take a ton of hits.  :)

So, without further ado, here is my wallet and my cards:

(and yes, this is a Card wallet from the seat-back SkyMall catalog...going on almost 10 years with the same one, no problems)

1. My drivers license - since I can't usually do much without that, especially check-in

2. Chase Debit card - I do most of my bank transactions at the ATM, so having this card is important for me
3. Chase Sapphire Preferred - I put just about all of my daily spend on the CSP, since it gives 2 points per dollar on all travel and all dining.  And if you throw in first friday dining, 3 points per dollar.  Some like to talk up the annual 7% bonus on points accrued every year as well...I enjoy having extra car insurance and lost baggage/luggage insurance.
4. Chase Ink Bold - I love the Ink Bold for its benefits at office supply stores and fuel purchases.  If you're smart about your purchases, you can actually do a lot of points accrual by visiting Staples and Office Depot.  No joke. I also put all of my communications bills here for obvious reasons.  5x points on all communications and office supply, 2x on fuel.
5. Hilton Amex - Now don't laugh at me...you might be wondering why on earth I carry this one.  I used to have the Premier Rewards Gold card, but the annual fee was just too much.  I used it primarily for my grocery shopping.  Since that's out of my wallet now, I use this card for my groceries and the 5x points.  I'm always looking to see if there are better options...
6. Chase Hyatt - I carry this since I never know when I travel if I need to book a stay last minute. It's my preferred place to stay in Europe and so I'm always trying to build up my points balance. 

What does your wallet look like, and what do you carry?

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