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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Newest Hyatt option: Vienna!

I won't mince words - the Park Hyatt in Zurich is at the top of my list of favorite hotels to stay at.  Every time I visit, I always feel that I'm treated in a way that is much different than at any other hotel I've ever stayed at.

That being said, I'm not opposed to visiting other properties in cities where I'm traveling to see how they compare to Zurich.  And now there is a new Park Hyatt option for me to try - Vienna!

This new Hyatt property is a Category Six, so if you want to use points it will cost you 25,000 per night.  Definitely toward the high end of the scale (although Zurich recently became a Category 7...30,000 points a night, yikes!).  Cash and Points options might be a better way to go - only 12,500 points and $150, so much more reasonable. 

Can't wait for a return trip to Vienna to try it out!  The property opens June 2nd.

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