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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Restaurant Review: Faros Kebap

So many places to choose from, so little time!

I found myself thinking that when looking at the massive list of restaurant options in Istanbul.  Plus, with this being my first trip to the city, how do I know which places are good and which should be avoided?

Thankfully there are a number of sites to assist with this, and I did my research fully before narrowing down my list to a top four.

One such place that I can now highly recommend for their menu choices is Faros Kebap, a small restaurant within easy walking distance of the Grand Hyatt and Intercontinental.

When you walk down the streets of Istanbul, don't be surprised when restauranteurs and vendors try and woo you in just by walking up to you and trying to engage you in conversation.  It was interesting the first few times, but became annoying shortly after.  Best to do good research before you go and have a destination in mind.

Faros Kebap has a menu structure similar to most other places, but I felt as though their portions were exactly what an eating experience should be. Not too much, not too little.  I had to try the Urfa Kebap (lamb) during this trip, and was not disappointed.  The flavors and texture were excellent and sides were proportionate to the meal.

They also have a variety of desserts and coffees to choose from if you're planning a late afternoon visit.

I'll definitely search them out on my next visit - the lamb dishes alone make me want to eat there again!

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