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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Star Wars in the dunes?

Earlier this week I was fortunate to support an event on campus for the Provost, and little did I know how much I'd learn as a result of having to be there.  The featured speaker was Seth Mallios, one of our department chairs who also happens to be conducting a lot of anthropological research on SDSU.  His brief presentation covered a variety of topics on the university (history, mascots, what happened to the Normal school, etc) and one particular thing I found interesting and didn't know was that San Diego county was host to one of the film locations for Star Wars.

Where, might you ask?

Probably one of the only places in the county that isn't very nice during the summer, actually.

On the way out to Imperial Valley we always go through a desert area - out there in the great sand pits just happens to be one location.

Not sure if I'm going to visit anytime soon, though.


In case you were wondering, I also found out that one of SDSU's mascots was the "wampus cat"...

If you're interested in the book Seth wrote, you can find more info here.

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