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Friday, August 10, 2012

travel down the road

I am very overdue for a post here, and so I'm going to try and rectify the situation.  Work, life events, school, and other things have carved out sections of my time and have prevented my typical postings (including any new Place of the Day ideas!) so thank you for waiting patiently for me.

My travels yesterday took me to Qualcomm Stadium, a short trolley ride away from SDSU.  I know it's not some exotic place in Europe or Asia, but for a brief time was the gathering place for many-a Packer fan as the team came to town to play the Chargers.  In the years I've been here, I've never made it to the stadium for a game...sad, actually.  So, a ticket was purchased, and off I went (with the guiding assistance of one of my staff members who happens to have season tickets in much better seats then I had).   Even though the Packers did not play well, I still had a pretty enjoyable experience (although I would have really preferred not to go and do this alone). One question though: why do concessions have to cost so much?  $7 for a pop?

A warm and sunny day for a game!

Managed to get a shot of a family favorite - DD!

The view from my seat...

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  1. My cousin was at that game too, she got a football signed by some of the Packers. She lives in Escondido.