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Saturday, May 12, 2012

posts and a grill

Needless to say, I feel bad that my posts of "place of the day" have curtailed recently.  I've been swamped with finishing up my final PhD classes as well as working on my dissertation proposal (which is near completion so I can defend it) that was delayed due to some scheduling complications with my advisor.  Once that is all wrapped up, the Place of the Day posts shall return.  My bucket list is pretty long, as I reflect on those I've already made a highlight.

One thing I enjoy while traveling though is grilling - whether that be at a restaurant or planning it out ahead.  As I currently have no grill and recently passed through a residential area that smelled of many grills, I find myself longing for a grill. 

Maybe my travels in the short term will lead me to finding one of my own.

Or, there's always this.

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