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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tebow vs the world

It continues to amaze me how much attention Tim Tebow has been getting so far this season for the Denver Broncos.  The Packers were undefeated up until this last weekend, and most ESPN coverage still had Tebow first to be discussed for the shows.  Plus there was the graphic I saw that compared Tebow's first 11 games to Tom Brady's...sheesh.  Can we all please stop putting the cart before the horse?  I will acknowledge that Tebow did win two NCAA National Championships and that he obviously can play football, he just hasn't built a resume yet in the NFL (although he's now started).  Let's just keep things in perspective please.

Then I had this forwarded to me:  http://youtu.be/ul2dhNaQgxM in case you missed it.

Seems as though others have started to latch onto the Tebow craziness as well...all in good fun.

1 comment:

  1. The SNL skit was funny, sacrilegious, but funny.

    I also, really don't get why everyone thinks he is so spectacular so fast.