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Monday, September 26, 2011

Twas a fast visit - Bermuda

If you guessed the last post correctly, then you already know that my weekend excursion took me to the very sunny and very humid islands of Bermuda (thank you AYCJ). It was a very short visit, but I know I'll be going back.

Upon arriving, I wasn't three steps of the plane when a ground lady yelled at me to not take any pictures (we had deboarded on the Tarmac) since my iPhone was at the ready to snap. Ok...no pictures on the Tarmac. Immigration was fast, although they asked me at least four times if i had brought cigarettes or alcohol in...I wonder if they have a problem with that.

My first stop was going to be the Town of St. George, the original settlement on the island. And I was determined to save money and take the bus. I asked a lady outside to direct me and found the waiting area, but was greeted by a random rain shower as I walked over. 99% sunny, and one dark cloud of downpour. Soon the bus arrived and I got on, and had my five dollars ready. Except apparently the buses only take coin, tokens, AND exact change. That would have been good to know. The driver was slightly irritated with me, but finally took my money and let me on. Whew. 20 minutes later I was in St George.

My walk around the town was sunny and warm. And even though the unfinished church had a no trespassing sign, I couldn't help myself.

After a walk through the town hall, I decided on a taxi to take me to my place of stay. My driver was a govt employee and he gave me a great info session on the way. Some highlights:

- the island is only 20 miles long, almost 2 miles wide
- it used to have a railroad that no longer functions
- the airport used to be a US military base, closed in the 90's
- there is no income tax
- the roads are narrow because they were only intended for horse and carriage - max speed limit 20 mph
- there is a strict limit on cars; mopeds are widely used
- bermudian money equals US dollars in value and you can pay with either
- The famous people and their houses are near Tucker's Town
- Harrington Sound is the mouth of the original volcano

Soon I was at my place, the Fourways Inn and Cottages! I'll let the pictures do the explaining of my room...amazing.  After the girl showed me to the room, she asked when I wanted my breakfast.  With a confused look on my face I blurted out "8:30", and she continued on by saying that breakfast would be delivered to my room in the morning.  And I must say that it was very prompt, tea and all.

I made a quick run to a local grocery store for some drinks, and decided it was time to head to the beach. I chose Elbow Beach since it was closer, and off i was walking. The side streets are fairly quiet and I enjoyed being outside...except until I ran out of walking space by the road. And I wasn't about to walk on the road with the cars whizzing by. So i flagged down a taxi and 5 minutes later was at the beach. The sand and water were warm...just nice to walk and think.

On the advice of my first taxi driver, I located the Sea Breeze Cafe and decided on tapas for dinner. Very yum...will definitely go back to this place again.

All in all a great day...wish I had more time, but I'll be back.

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