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Saturday, February 19, 2011

snow heading toward Madison

I'm wondering if the snow storm that is now forecast for Madison and much of the rest of the state will start to dial things back a bit in the WI capital. Guess we'll find out.

On a side note, I did say a prayer for safety for my brother, who is working as a law enforcement officer today at one of the entrances to the capital building.

Here's another great read on this whole issue:


I'm interested to see how the reactions will be now that there will be supporters as well as protesters on each side. The national news coverage continues to increase...I'm even getting a healthy dose of it over here.

Do I really have to finish a book, read, and write a paper this weekend? (sigh)

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  1. The 51 degree days must've had a huge effect the other way.

    The op-ed says general-election voting can be construed as support for this specific bill, but from reading plainblogaboutpolitics.blogspot.com I don't believe political scientists would give much credence to that. That one vote is much too vague of a signal to apply to anything specific. Although claiming it's a mandate for whatever you support is a fine and expected political tactic to use.