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Friday, October 1, 2010

And then Tuesday...

I was on the road again Tuesday, for a quick one day conference up in San Francisco for a company called Revolabs. They are makers of some incredible wireless microphone units we've been looking at to see if they might work for our lecture capture project.

I came away from the trip with a much better understanding of how to integrate their systems into classroom, and picked up a free spectrum analyzer along with it. Although, not everyone came away with the same appreciation for the information as I did (here comes a story...).

When I arrived I got a place about half way back in the room, so as not to be too eager, and our trainer Eric did a great job of breaking up the morning giving us about a 10 minute break or so each hour, even joking that he was going to take breaks just so that the people who know things already wouldn't fall asleep. But, as luck would have it, about halfway through the morning, all of us in the back began to hear a low growl, which turned itself into an all out snore. Some people really have the nerve. After lunch, I figured the guy probably got the hint, but would you believe he started in snoring again halfway through the afternoon????? So unprofessional.

Revolabs also took us out to a very nice steak dinner right by the airport, and I had the pleasure of sitting next to the trainer at the end of the table. It was nice to share some travel stories, as he travels globally for the company doing trainings (he's in Hong Kong I believe in November). After dinner, it was back to the airport for the flight home (1st class seat this time, thank you United free upgrades for Premier members) and then up for work early in the morning.

Just a very long 24-48 hours.

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