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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

here it is

I've not been very good about writing here as of late, but I hope to rectify that situation starting with this post. The last few weeks have been a tad bit nuts with trips all over the place, but thankfully all flights and travels went well and now I'm back in the swing towards the start of the semester (jet lag finally going away). Yikes.

Today is a 4x10 day for me, so I've been taking things easy. I woke up this morning not feeling 100% - we'll see how I'm doing tomorrow as far as work goes. Not sure if it was something I ate last night or not...could have been maybe. Better to be safe than sorry these days with things going around. The White Sox are playing the Twins on WGN tonight too, so I will take the opportunity to watch them on TV which will be nice.

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